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Our Team

At Ross Bailey Builder Ltd we prefer to think of ourselves as a family, rather than just a team.

We are guided by Ross Bailey's core values:

  • Quality: we ensure that we only use quality products to custom build your dream home
  • Commitment: we are always committed to building with the highest standard of craftmanship possible, whether you are building a new home or renovating your existing one
  • Communication: we pride ourselves in our ability to listen and communicate with you and your architect / designer
  • Knowledge: we combine both new and old methodologies to elevate the craftmanship of your home so that it becomes timeless and will stand the test of time

Combining these values with our skill ensures the vision you and your architect share will become reality.

Ross is proud to put his name on every house we build and we're proud to work alongside him. Together we are committed to the quality of your home.